Svigor Capsules

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  • Enlarged or fatty liver
  • Infective and toxic hepatits due to drugs, alcohol, chemicals etc
  • Chronic active hepatitis
  • Nutritional disorders as marasmus & Ewashiorkor
  • Infantile liver disorders
  • Adult cirrhosis of the liver


One to two tablet thrice a day or as directed by the physician.


Arrests hepatic damage and prevents further necrosis. Protects the hepatic parenchyma from infective hepatitis A & B, hepatotoxic drugs, antibiotics etc. Arrests alcoholic liver dysfunction and damage, despite continual ingestion of alcohol. Accelerates metabolic activities and promotes hepatobolic regeneration. Improves the functional efficiency of the liver. Accelerates metabolic activities and promotes hepatocellular regeneration, induces marked lipotropic activity,restores liver function tests to normal, regulates level of plasma-protein concentration. Enhances serum proteins and restores a favorable albumin/ globuin ratio. Stimulates normal haemopoiesis


Each hard gelatin capsule contain Ext. of:

Ashwagandha ( Withania Somnifera )200 mg.
Suddh Shilajit ( Asfolatum Punjabinum )100 mg.
Makardwaj ( Sulfides of mercury with ionic gold )50 mg.
Kesar ( Crocus Sativus )2.5 mg.
Kuchla Suddha ( Purified nux vomica )10 mg.
Akalkaro ( Anacyclas Pyrethrum )25 mg.
Dalchini ( Cinnamon Pulvis )10 mg.
Vidarikand ( Ipomea Digitata )37.5 mg.
Purnachandrodaya10 mg.
Kapilo ( Mallotus Philippensis )12.5 mg.
Abhrak bhasma ( Mica Pulvis )5 mg.
Jaifal ( Myristica fragrans )5 mg.
Bang bhasma ( Tin Oxides )10 mg.
Loh Bhasma ( Ferrum Oxides )20 mg.
Ras Sindur5 mg.