Proctal Ointment

Relieves painful inflammed bleeding piles and may avert surgery.


  • Haemorrhoids (Internal & External)
  • Anal Fissures & Fistulae, Proctitis


Helps to shrink pile masses. Has an astringent effect thereby controls localized bleeding. Has a soothing effect on the inflamed skin. Has an antiseptic effect thus prevents secondary infections. Has a mild local anaesthetic effect.


Contains Ext. of:

Ambahaldar (Turmeric) 15%
Safed Katho 03%
Mardasing 15%
Shajieeru (Black Karv Seeds) 15%
Sonageru (Red Chalk) 20%
Suddha Gandhak (Sulphur) 03%
Kapur (Camphor) 1.5%
Paraffin Base Q.S.