B-Tone Syrup

B-TONE has carminative and digestive properties, which relieve infants and children from commonly encountered gastrointestinal disorders and helps them gain weight adequately. B-TONE helps restore the normal physiological functions of the digestive tract, acts as an appetiser and ensures health and wellbeing.


  • As a daily health supplement to prevent common digestive complaints of babies and to promote healthy growth
  • As a curative to treat digestive complaints in infants and children


For infants upto 1 month: 1/2 teaspoon three times daily.
1 month to 6 months: 1 teaspoonful three times daily.
6 month to 3 years: 2 teaspoonfuls three times daily.


Arrests hepatic damage and prevents further necrosis. Protects the hepatic parenchyma from infective hepatitis A & B, hepatotoxic drugs, antibiotics etc. Arrests alcoholic liver dysfunction and damage, despite continual ingestion of alcohol. Accelerates metabolic activities and promotes hepatobolic regeneration. Improves the functional efficiency of the liver. Accelerates metabolic activities and promotes hepatocellular regeneration, induces marked lipotropic activity,restores liver function tests to normal, regulates level of plasma-protein concentration. Enhances serum proteins and restores a favorable albumin/ globuin ratio. Stimulates normal haemopoiesis.


Each 15ml Contains Ext. of:

Dash Mool 0.350 gm
Mulethi (Glycerhia Glabra) 0.350 gm
Vavding (Embeliaibes) 0.350 gm
Arjun Bark (Terminalia Arjuna) 0.350 gm
Lime Ark 0.350 gm
Variyali (Feniculum Vulgara) 0.350 gm
Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera ) 0.150 gm
Varahikand (Tacca Asphera) 0.150 gm
Shatawari (Asparagus Racemosus) 0.150 gm
Vidarikand (Pornola Peniculeta) 0.150 gm
Jiwanti (Myrristica Officinalis) 0.150 gm
Rohitak (Amoora Rohituka) 0.150 gm
Punarnava (Boerhavia Diffusa) 0.150 gm
Himaj (Terminalia Chebula) 0.150 gm
Galo (Tinospora Cordifolia) 0.150 gm
Kakadasingi (Pislacialchinqus Stoles) 0.150 gm
Ugragandha (Alium Sativum) 0.150 gm
Shankhavali (Evolvulus Eleinoides) 0.150 gm
Brahmi (Pydrocetyle Asiatica) 0.150 gm
Suva (Anithum Graveiolence) 0.600 gm
Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba) 0.600 gm
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