A young technocrat educated in Europe, having worked as Chemical Engineer in the bulk drug plant of a giant pharmaceutical company and also as a works manager in foundation plant, cherished the desire to start a pharmaceutical company to explore the vastly unexplored drugs and medicines of indigenous origin. BHARAVI was born in 1979. A team was formed by addition of a doctor of Ayurveda and a fellow from the Institute of Chartered accountants of India, with a record of successful launching of a bulk drug plant. These three entrepreneurs having expertise & experience in their respective fields contributed very vitally in the growth of BHARAVI in excellent formulation of Ayurveda.

Bharavi Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is one of the oldest manufacturing unit of the Vadodara ( 36 Yrs.) engaged in production of Herbo-mineral or Ayurvedic medicine having a strong base of PCD market throughout the country , now the company is going to usher OTC market with a multidimensional innovative concept.

Bharavi Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is one of the oldest pharmaceutical company of Baroda. Bharavi Pharmaceuticals Ltd. had crossed more than 35 years successfully. The reality behind this long journey is simplicity and commitment. Bharavi does not believe in show business but only in customer satisfaction which is the reason Bharavi has created many all India brands like Biquionol, Scabitex, Lopain etc.

Bharavi Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Is a manufacturer of herbal or ayurvedic formulations, having more than 115 different medicines. Bharavi Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has a liquid section, tablet section, capsule section and an ointment section.